The 916 Flight Elite Organization (nonprofit) needs your support!

There are multiple ways to support our organization. Either by volunteering your time to help out during fundraisers or hosted events, donating goods and/or services (for more info, contact us through our  website ).
We also rely heavily on monetary donations from local businesses.

We have 4 levels of Sponsorship. Our platinum sponsors support us by donating a minimum of $1500.
The other levels include gold ($1000+), Silver ($500+) and Bronze which starts at $300.

Your donations help support our mission...
It is the mission of the 916 Flight Elite Basketball Program to educate and empower today’s youth with confidence, commitment and integrity, so they can live a productive and successful tomorrow. Our goal is to teach young athletes respect for themselves, their peers and their community by instilling a code of ethics built on honesty, responsibility and team work.

Together, our players, families and volunteers work with unyielding spirit to cultivate a safe and disciplined environment so every child can reach their full potential, develop their talents and increase their skills in the game of basketball and more importantly… life. 


Attention Local Businesses

  • Show your continual support and commitment to your local area and community
  • Help bridge the gap between local business community and its patrons
  • Prove your willingness to invest in today’s youth
  • Help the development of the 916 Flight Elite Organization
  • Demonstrate customer appreciation
  • Market your company’s products and/or services

Our Supporters...